With their new album "In The Name Of" Exile RD. storm out of their idyllic rehearsal space into the swiss rock scene. After three years of existence and a recent reformation they finally had their long overdue babtism of fire on stage in 2012 and barricaded themselves in the band-owned studio to record the follow-up to 2009's EP "Spawn Of A Scythe". While some songs came to be in this phase, others were originally written a while ago for a side project of guitarist and singer Oliver Schneider. They came in focus of the band after their songwriting changed because of the new direction the band took. In contrast to earlier recordings the new compositions seem more diverse and more elaborate. Beside powerful rocksongs that feature heavy guitarriffs and driving drums like "Draw Your Gun", there's also songs to be found like "Hold On" that are quieter and more contemplative . Exile RD. discuss topics which are rooted in personal but also worldwide conflicts but always leave interpretation to the listener.

Welcome on Exile RD.

Next concerts:
25.10.2014, Kulti Wetzikon


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