It's been a while since we've shown a sign of life. Now we are back playing a concert next week and we'll release two brand new songs for you to download for free on Monday!

Check them out!


Fellow Exile-roadians,
Finally our new website is up and running! But that is not all! Along with it we also have a brand new studio album available - our first in fact! Check it our and download it for FREE in the "Media" section. If you like it you are free to donate some money to support us! We sure would be thankful!

Thirdly, we have finished our first music video for the song "Draw Your gun", be sure to check it out also if you haven't already and lastly, we will have a record release show on March 1st in Zurich!

Come and check us out live, it's gonna be worth it!

Next concerts:
25.10.2014, Kulti Wetzikon


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